THE SAME MOON Songbook and its individual works are covered by the usual copyright laws.  You can find out more information about the copyright laws in Australia here.

Basically, it is unlawful to make copies beyond what is required by the individual, choir, school or community for educational or study purposes without seeking permission and in most cases paying a fee for a license.

Provided you or someone you are performing with is the original owner of the songbook or the piece of sheet music, I grant you permission to perform any of the songs from the book without having to pay to do so. But I do ask that you acknowledge my authorship and contact APRA/AMCOS with performance details in the event of royalties being distributed. The practice audios and lyric sheets do not require a license. Again I ask that you acknowledge the original source and APRA/AMCOS as appropriate.

I would love nothing more than to have my work sung and performed around the world! But, like all of us, I need to keep a roof over my head and the wolves from my door and so ask that you Copy Right and purchase the music and a license if necessary.

With thanks,